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Sweet Lassi – Indian Drink

Lassi is a healthy beverage that originated in Punjab but is popular all over India. It is made by blending yogurt and water with some other flavourings until it is frothy. Flavourings can be savory or sweet. Here I’ve given the recipe of a simple sweet lassi. Other variations of lassi can be made by adding suitable flavourings eg :- Mango Lassi (Mango Pulp is blended along with the other ingredients.), Strawberry Lassi , Kesar lassi (with saffron strands) etc.


Yogurt – 1 cup
Cold Water – 1 cup
Sugar – as needed
Rose water – 1 tsp
Cardomon Powder – a pinch

Method :

  1. Blend together all the above ingredients together using a hand mixer or a mixie until it becomes frothy.
  2. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, pistachios and serve as a cool, healthy and refreshing drink.


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